Gallego & Co.

14 Years of Success

Vita Coco


We Created a New Beverage Category…
and a Global Brand.


Arthur Gallego has worked with Vita Coco since 2004, when he launched the brand while working at a New York City marketing agency.

When Gallego & Co. opened its doors for business in 2007, Vita Coco was the first client.


For 14 years, Gallego has been the brand’s lead corporate communications and PR counsel, exclusively handling all PR programs from 2004 through 2011, and again in 2013. Gallego has been directly responsible for the Vita Coco brand’s business media and analyst coverage in North America since 2004. Currently, Gallego oversees all corporate & crisis communications, consumer affairs, nutrition communications and business PR.

In 2010, Gallego oversaw Vita Coco’s celebrity investor PR initiative, only the second of its kind in the beverage industry, which leveraged investors Madonna, Matthew McConaughey and Demi Moore to elevate the Vita Coco brand and also the category of coconut water, with consumers globally.

Starting in 2011, Gallego focused his efforts on the brand’s global PR strategy, corporate communications and issues management, defending the brand against a 2011 class action suit while simultaneously promoting marketing programs featuring Rihanna, the Vita Coco’s celebrity spokesperson in 2011 and 2012 advertising campaigns.

In 2013, Gallego oversaw all US communications programs, directing agency partners in multiple markets including Canada. He built and staffed the company’s internal PR department, and also designed and managed the company’s first consumer service programs, created to address and quantify product quality issues in North America and Europe, and support Vita Coco’s global quality control programs.

In 2014, Gallego returned his focus to corporate communications, overseeing the brand’s second major investor announcement, a minority stake sale to China’s Reignwood Group, owners of Red Bull China. Gallego was also elevated to a global role, overseeing standards and practices in Asia Pacific and European markets, while still leading North American corporate communications.

Gallego has been involved in all facets of the brand’s marketing, from product development and packaging, to new product introductions, to major advertising and marketing campaigns. In 2018 oversaw communications for the brand’s first acquisition, the energy drinks brand RUNA, and its evolution into a portfolio of better-for-you brands.


The Coconut Water Pioneer

Working with media and industry analysts since 2004, Gallego has positioned Vita Coco co-founder and ceo Michael Kirban as the most-recognized and respected personality within the coconut water industry. G&Co. has consulted on all facets of Kirban’s messaging in regard to Vita Coco the company, Vita Coco the brand and its products, as well as Kirban’s image and thought leadership role within the broader CPG industry.


Celebrities Invest in Vita Coco

G&Co. lead all communications on one of the most successful celebrity investor announcements in the food and beverage industry, in 2010. Leveraging Madonna’s recognition and the ‘healthy, on-brand’ appeal of fellow Vita Coco investors Matthew McConaughey and Demi Moore, G&Co. raised global media interest in both coconut water as a business and beverage, and Vita Coco as the brand to drink. Many other beverage brands, rallying their own celebrity investors, have tried to replicate what G&Co. achieved in 2010. None have come close.


Rihanna for Vita Coco

In 2011 and 2012, Rihanna served as Vita Coco’s first celebrity spokesperson, appearing in consecutive advertising campaigns. G&Co. promoted the ads as another benchmark for Vita Coco, and a proofpoint for the brand’s sales leadership, success and appeal.


Better Beverage for Children

In 2013, G&Co. launched the brand’s new line of children’s drinks, a nutrition-focused blend of coconut water, water and fruity natural flavors for children ages 2-8 years old.


Vita Coco: Beyond Beverage

In 2014, G&Co. helped launch the brand’s new organic, cold-pressed Coconut Oil, marketed as a health-conscious, versatile culinary and personal-care ‘must have.’ Through this work, G&Co. is fluent in the nutritional aspects and benefits of coconut oil and saturated fats.


Vita Coco Arrives in China

In 2014, G&Co. lead the investor announcement of China’s Reignwood Group buying 25% of the Vita Coco brand. In 2015, Vita Coco launched its signature beverage in China. G&Co. worked closely with the brand’s Asia Pacific team to position the Vita Coco brand properly in the market, and to position natural coconut water’s consumer proposition, appropriately, for the Chinese.


Alt-dairy Coconutmilk

In 2017, G&Co. helped launch the brand’s Coconutmilk. Through this work, G&Co. is fluent in the alt-dairy (or dairy-free, plant-based) category of beverages, their market positioning and nutritional aspects.


“The Plant Manager”

Also in 2017, G&Co. supported the launch of Vita Coco’s “Plant Manager” television commercial -- the brand’s first -- featuring model, author and social media star Chrissy Teigen.


Bubbles with Benefits

In 2018, G&Co. helped launch Vita Coco Sparkling, the brand’s foray into the growing US sparkling water market. The brand’s difference: a blend of sparkling water and coconut water that offers the benefits of coconut water’s electrolytes and potassium.